Aquaculture in Sudan (Status – Challenges – Outlook) – in Arabic

This introductory lecture was delivered in the opening of the “Aquaculture training workshop” which was conducted during the period from 07 to 12 October 2018 and held in Khartoum and hosted by the Agricultural Bank of Sudan.

In this lecture, I tried to bring in the information on fishery/aquaculture sector in Sudan as well as to highlight other related sectors such as particular agricultural crops which could be used in fish feed. In order to emphasize the rationality of aquaculture development in Sudan, the key parameters related to human nutrition have been addressed such as the daily per capita protein intake and identifying all sources for such intake. The lecture ended by the challenges facing the development of aquaculture in Sudan. A brief introduction on world and African aquaculture was included in the first part of the lecture. As planned, this lecture served as a platform for subsequent components of this training workshop. This workshop was attended by 30 participants affiliated to the fishery sector in Sudan and the Agricultural Bank of Sudan.

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