Feeding gilthead seabream broodstock and pellet size (Video)

Video credit: Ahmed Shaheen – Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

The inserted video shows the feeding of gilthead seabream broodstock. The size of the feed pellet seems in a good match with the mouth opening of fed fish. Ideally, fish should be able to engulf the feed pellet at once. If the pellet size is larger than the mouth opening of fed fish, feed will be out of the direct consumption by the fish that have no choice except trying to get their feed requirement through biting. Doing so, a part of feed nutrients leaches in the water and get lost. Added to that, fish spend un-necessarily energy upon feeding. The same will be true when feeding a given size of fish on much smaller size pellets. Moreover, the cost of small-size pellets is usually higher than larger pellets. Therefore, if fish can easily consume a given size pellets, it is not advised to feed much larger or smaller size pellets.

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