Crocodile culture in China

Photo credit: Khamis killei John (South Sudan) – Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted pictures show specimens of crocodiles cultured in a crocodile farm. In this particular facility, the culture of crocodiles is done for research purposes.

It may worth noting that the possible escapee of crocodiles from the farms to the wild represented always environmental threats.

According to Wocomo Wild life, the largest crocodile farm in China hosts more than 5000 crocodiles and is located in Yunnan (Honghe Prefecture). In fact, the hot weather along with good water quality are supporting the farming of crocodiles in these regions.

In the beginning, crocodile farming which took place in China, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries targeted the trade of their skins which are the valuable products. Afterwards, crocodile meat began to be consumed and displayed in stores and offered in restaurants. In fact, China and Hong Kong are the main importers of crocodile meat. In addition to skin and meat, Other crocodile parts are also utilized as pharmaceuticals and in traditional medicines.

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