Integrated poultry-tilapia in Togo

Photos credit: Asma Sabi (Togo) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website). 

The inserted pictures are taken in fish farms in Togo. As typically practiced, the inserted pictures show the integration between tilapia cultured in earthen ponds and poultry grown in chicken house. The fallen manure as well as the uneaten chicken feed enrich the natural food underneath in tilapia pond and would be valuable in minimizing the need for commercial fish feed depending on the density of fish in the pond. In addition to the economic feasibility of this type of integration, the diversified farm products and so the periodic revenues would be reflected in the cash flow of the farm. 

Although the design of the poultry house may vary, the essential parameters such as space for each bird and the proper ventilation must be maintained whether the birds are broilers or layers. 

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