An open hotel aquarium in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

I filmed this video over few days during my stay in Sharm El Sheikh last March 2019. Like many of the hotel guests, I saw in this small and open aquarium an attractive point to stop at and watch the fish especially its location is in front of hotel restaurants. In order to provide some useful information from my side, I had to meet Eng. Samir and Mr. Hamdy Aziz from Stella Di Marie hotel then after I contacted Mr. Abdel Ghany Mohamed from Cairo (supplier of the ornamental fish).

This 7-year old aquarium received its founder batch of fish from a pet store in Cairo then subsequent batches were received from fish suppliers. Also, the koi fingerlings shown in the video indicates the reproduction of the species in the aquarium.

The main species hosted in this aquarium are Koi carp, fan tail, gold fish and black stomas. The largest specimens of koi belong to the original stock received about 7 years before.

The aquarium water is connected to a sand filter whereas back wash then flush takes place once daily then followed by rinsing for 2 minutes before the discharge goes to the drain that is connected with the drain of the swimming pools. I attended the daily feeding around noon and I have been told that the quantity of the pelleted feed is around 100 g of 2-mm size and 27% protein.

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