Integrated fish-chicken in Tanzania

Photo credit: Emmanuel Godfrey and Mashaka (Tanzania)

Review:  Emmanuel Godfrey, Mashaka Shabani, Hamady Makorwa and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Chicken fish farming in Tanzania


The inserted picture shows an integrated farm located at Morogoro, Mkuranga  District (East coast of Tanzania) in where chicken and fish are integrated. All-male tilapia and African catfish are the species used in the present system. Based on farmer’s experience, 30 birds are sufficient for fertilizing a 300-m2 fish pond. The present pond is about 500-m2 (20×25 m). The chickens are housed in a simple structure established above the water surface of fish pond. The photo shows how water turns deep green due to the plankton which is stimulated by chicken droppings; plankton whether phyto or zoo serve as the main fish sources supplemented by other ingredients such as rice bran. Also, the uneaten chicken feeds are swept to the fish pond and eaten by fish. The growing season of fish takes about 6-8 months during which, fish grows to market size. Locally manufactured poultry feed is provided to chicken. The photo was taken during the sampling of pond fish.




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