Aquaculture development in Mali

Credit: Sekou Oumar Coulibaly and   Bamba  Kadidiatou  Soumare (Mali)

Aquaculture in Mali is relatively recent and was first practiced in the early 80s. The prolonged drought negatively affected the development of aquaculture and reduced its contribution in the programs for rural and agricultural development.

Launching a 3-year Mali/CRSP Project (2007-2010) targeted to promote aquaculture through the areas of pond culture and rice-fish culture. This project titled “Aquatic Resource Use and Conservation for Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture and Fisheries in Mali,” included on-farm trials whereas tilapia and African catfish have been chosen for the trials which were conducted at Kayo-Somono and Mofa Fofana.

The Mali/CRSP Project, collaborated with Mali’s Direction Nationale de la Pêche (DNP) on an aquaculture training and research program targeted directly at farmers, fishers, and extension support personnel. The training has been conducted in Mali and Kenya. The South-South approach has been a component of the project in which the scientific expertise of CRSP partners in Kenya to collaborate in the project areas along with Malian counterparts.

Mali - aquaculture practices (01) Mali - aquaculture practices (02)



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