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Daily life of the Bozo/Somono fishermen in Mali

Photo credit: Elisabeth den Otter Review: Elisabeth den Otter and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) The inserted pictures show a sample of the daily life of the Bozo and Somono fishermen who live in Kirango, a village located on the bank of the Niger river, near the Markala dam, about 35 km …

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Fishing activities by a Somono fisherman’s family along Niger River in Mali

Credit: Elisabeth den Otter (Bozo and Somono fishermen of Mali)     The inserted photos show some activities of a Somono migrant family in Mali. Typically,  from October until January every year, Bozo/Somono migrants camp on the shore of the Niger river. Their stay coincides with the arrival of large shoals of ‘ntinenin’, a type …

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Aquaculture development in Mali

Credit: Sekou Oumar Coulibaly and   Bamba  Kadidiatou  Soumare (Mali) Aquaculture in Mali is relatively recent and was first practiced in the early 80s. The prolonged drought negatively affected the development of aquaculture and reduced its contribution in the programs for rural and agricultural development. Launching a 3-year Mali/CRSP Project (2007-2010) targeted to promote aquaculture through …

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