Integrated aquaculture and mango seedlings in Uganda

Photo credit: Oberu Charles (Uganda)

Description: Oberu Charles and Abdel Rahman El Gamal – Founder of the website)

Integrated aquaculture and mango in Uganda




The photo was taken in Wakiso District (Uganda). The fish pond shown the photo is a typical pond where Nile tilapia and African catfish are the major farmed species. The mango seedlings in this given farm are grown near a fish pond whereas the farmer is fetching water from the pond to water the mango seedlings.

In connection with that, there are several programs sponsored by quite a few organizations supported food security and livelihood sustainability in the Wakiso District whereas food security and malnutrition are issues of concern and so mango seedlings –along with other crops- have been supplied to beneficiaries through these programs as a good source of vitamins and minerals. Even in schools, a tree planting project which focused on mango was first started in 2007 has the goal of preserving the environment as well as creating an income for local people.

However, in such integrated system, the use of chemicals –if occurs- in the mangos plots could possibly contaminate the fish pond.



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