Fish culture development training course (Africa) 2019

The inserted photo was taken on July 15, the first technical day of the “Fish Culture Development – Africa” training course for 2019. This 3-month course is annually organized since 2004 and jointly supported by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA” and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The course this year hosts 14 participants as three participants are expected to join the program in the next few days. It is always a pleasure to contribute to these courses and meet such wonderful group of African friends. The photo shows Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal and the course participants:

Souleymane BA and Richard Kima (Burkina Faso), Karerwa Odette and Baseka Michel (Burundi), Hantanirina Rasoamananjara and Adavelo Jean Marcel (Madagascar), Madalitso Magombo and Camerson Ghambi (Malawi), Mussa George mndeme (Tanzania), Poukre Tchawre and Treku Komla Asafo (Togo).

Note: Please note that my contribution to the EICA courses is just teaching and supervising group projects and specific workshops. In other words, I am not the one to be asked about participation procedures in EICA courses. Whoever is interested is advised to visit the EICA website:

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