Use of palm worm as fishing bait by Irimo community (Bolivia)

Photo credit: Paola Luna Morales (Bolivia) Review: Paola Luna Morales and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted picture shows a specimen of palm worm (Namalycastis rhodochorde) attaching to a fishing hook in Irimo community (Bolivia) showing the use of the worm as fishing bait by a native community at northern of La Paz, Lecos (Bolivia). The native community uses this palm worm as a fishing bait to attract fishes like pacú (Colossoma macropomum). These worms are found mainly within the crown of palm tree.

The palm worms are among the insects consumed by humans in some societies around the world. They are eaten raw or cooked. It may worth noting that culturing of the worm has been done in some parts of the world as a means to overcome the overexploitation of the worm especially in the light of the degradation of its natural habitats.

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