Small-scale aquaculture in rural development (2019-updated version)

This lecture has been delivered in regional and international training courses held in Egypt and organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).

In order to address the focus of the lecture which is the promotion of small-scale aquaculture in rural development, the lecture started with the features of rural communities focusing whenever applicable on fish consumption. The items needed for the promotion has been addressed including appropriate technologies, selected species, labor, credit when required and others have been addressed. This has been followed by examples of small-scale projects especially those integrated with other agricultural crops or livestock.

The adoption curve in rural community has been addressed. Moreover, a proposed criteria of small-scale aquaculture has been discussed.

The lecture addressed the promotion strategy and the importance of initial success as well as the sustainability beyond the promotion program. Special issues have been emphasized in the lecture including extension service, project planning, environmental concerns, subsidies and others.

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