Aquaponics in Ukraine

Photo credit: Tamara Dombrovska (Ukraine) Description: Tamara Dombrovska and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted picture shows a part of an aquaponics in Ukraine. The project is located at Vasylkiv city (30 km from Kiev).

The aquaculture recirculating system hosts tilapia and African catfish; both species have been imported from the Netherlands.

The production target of the project is to produce organic fish and plants (greens and vegetables). In order to achieve that, the project adopts environmentally friendly practices that imply the no use of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, growth promoters, hormones, or chemical fertilizers. Tilapias are marketed as chilled product while catfish is marketed as either chilled or as hot and cold smoked product. In order to emphasize the organic nature of fish products, the imported feed from the Netherlands is accompanied by a certificate of origin. The same is true in regard to the feed that is imported from Denmark and France. The plant products include leafy plants such as lettuce and herbs as well as vegetables such as tomatoes.


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