Fish Culture Development training course – 2019 (Prior to graduation)

The inserted pictures have been taken on Thursday (December 5), the day of my very last contribution to this program. This 11-week “Fish Culture Development” training course has been annually organized and supported since 1989 by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). Eng. Hend Arafa (EICA, Director General), and Eng. Manal attended one of the inserted pictures. Eng. Nahla Farouk (course coordinator), Engineers Mohamed Saied and Eman Elazab attended both pictures.

The participants in this course are: Kally Ouindlassida and Inoussa Compaore (Burkina Faso), Yousuf Mohammed Ali Kaabi (Sultanate of Oman), Yousuf Jan and Naheed Bano (Pakistan), Sambou Jean Marie (Senegal), Hussein Ahmed Mohamed (Somalia), Mahanamanam Geeganga Gamage Gunasena (Sri Lanka), Hisham Mohamed Ahmed (Sudan), Farida Mlaponi Mohamed (Tanzania), and Tamara Dombrovska (Ukraine).

It has been always a pleasure to contribute to this course since started in 1989. The course will be concluded by mid-December. While wishing all course participants safe flights back home, I always appreciate EICA management not only for giving me the opportunity to significantly contribute to the course but also for the chance to knowing wonderful teams of course participants year after another.   Abdel Rahman El Gamal

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