Fish Culture Development training course – 2015

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The technical session of the 75-day “Fish Culture Development” training course started in Cairo on the 8th of October, 2015. This course has been annually organized and supported by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) since 1989. The participants in the 2015 course are:

Hennig Hernan Hernando (Argentine), MD. Abdul Wahed (Bangladesh), MD. Abdul Hannan (Bangladesh), Andres Loayza Apaza (Bolivia), Fabrice Juliot Mougang (Cameroon), Zanga Adalbert Donatien (Cameroon), Aliadoumadji Rimadoum (Chad), Cristian Camilo Suarez Barazeta (Colombia), Karen Sachica (Colombia), Diego Mauricio Carrillo Freire (Ecuador), Kassa Kassa Eugene (Gabon), Ebrima K.M. Jabang (Gambia), Gloria Akuffo (Ghana), Abdallah Elmgawshi (Libya), Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman (Pakistan), Macedo Aguirre Raul Sergio (Peru), Tariq Mohammed Zakaria (Sudan), Parinya Sutthinon (Thailand), Oberu Charles (Uganda), and DO Xuan Hai (Vietnam).

As occurs every year, Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal delivered the first lecture and continues contributing to this course through several lectures as well as supervising the group projects.

Note: Abdallah from Libya and Karen from Colombia do not appear in the inserted picture as they joined the course after October 8.



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