Shrimp culture in Guatemala – Video

Video credit: Alejandro Joachin (Guatemala) Review: Alejandro Joachin and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

The inserted video was filmed in a shrimp farm in Aldea El cebollito, Monterrico (Guatemala). The farm consists of three ponds of 1-ha each. The white leg shrimp Litopenaues vanammei is the species farmed in the farm.

The stocking density in this project is 250 shrimp PL/m3. As shown in the video, the shrimp ponds are furnished by paddle wheel aerators sufficient to maintain optimum dissolved oxygen throughout the growing season. The salinity of the farm water is 15 gram/liter. As the temperature in the region throughout the year suits the growth of this species of shrimp, four production cycles are practiced every year of a 12-week each. The biggest shrimp harvest is targeted in the month of April (Eastern week) whereas the maximum demand on shrimp occurs and so the highest market value. The average size of harvested shrimp is about 14 g.

According to FAO statistics, the total production of shrimp from aquaculture in Guatemala amounted 17,273 tons in 2018.

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