Warm Water Fish Production Course (2010)

Warm water Fish Production 2010

A group picture for Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal and the participants from Macaire Miloni (Congo Democratic), Ndembo Mvala (Congo Democratic), Gwladys Ntsame (Gabon), Richard Yeboah (Ghana), Joseph Mugendi (Kenya), Lanto Razafintsalama (Madagascar), Vero Rahantarimalala (Malawi), David Itimu (Malawi), Phocas Nambajimana (Rwanda), Mekki Zakaria (Sudan), Suzan Alfred (Southern Sudan), Lylian Wilfred (Tanzania),  Nichrous G. Mlalila (Tanzania) and Alexander Mbiro (Uganda) who participated in “Warm Water Fish Production” which has been organized by the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture – EICA” that took place during the period from 14th of September – 30th of December, 2010. (if more information is needed – just ask).


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