Integrated rabbit-fish culture (Rwanda)

Credit: Fidele Kampayana (Rwanda)

These photos belong to a private farm in Rwanda where integrated system is being applied between rabbits and mix-sex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). The minimum pond size is about 500m2. Fish are stocked at a rate of 2 fingerlings per m2. In this particular pond, tilapia of 5-g average size has been stocked during May and are to be harvested in the following December. The wooden boxes seen in the photos are for rabbits. Each wooden box measures 1m x 1m x 60 cm and hosts 2 rabbits; (2 males or 2 females) and sometimes 1 female with its babies. Ten rabbits are sufficient to provide enough organic fertilization to 1-acre fish pond. Baby rabbits are weaned when they reach 60-day old. The only source of fish nutrition in this system is natural food (phyto and zooplankton) whose abundance is maintained and growth is stimulated by the organic fertilization generated by the excreta of rabbits.

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