Betta ornamental fish farm in Phuket Province (Thailand)

This project proposal has been developed by a working group who participated in Fish Culture Development training course in 2009 under the supervision of Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal. The main focus of this project proposal is to develop an ornamental fish in Thailand. The document starts with ornamental fish keeping as a hobby and passed to the global trade of imports and exports of ornamental fish. A breif fact sheet on the recommended fish for this project was intoduced including its common name (Siamese fighting fish; Plakad in Thailand) and scientific name (Betta splendens) as well as food habits and geographical distribution. The rationality of the project, and selection criteria of the place were adequately covered in the document. The project objectives, activity chart, budget requirement and economic analysis were addressed in the project document.

[important]Betta Ornamental fish farm in Thailand[/important]

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