Marine aquaculture is a success story in Greece

Credit: George Triantaphyllidis, LAMANS (Greece)

This paper started with the background of marine aquaculture development in Greece starting in the early 1980s whereas the first hatcheries supplied the first fingerlings for on-growing in cage farms. In this part, the linkage between the EU strategy and the development of mariculture in Greece has been highlighted. Also, the foundations of the mariculture success in Greece have been itemized. Similarly, the socioeconomic impact of marine aquaculture has been addressed in this paper. Challenges that faced the development of marine aquaculture in Greece (e.g. price crisis) and means to address that was covered in the paper especially the approach of species diversification. This approach has been analyzed in the paper. 

[important]Marine aquaculture is a success story in Greece[/important] 



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