Artisanal fishery in the Siiru Dam, Wa West District, Ghana

Credit: Grace Charway (Ghana)

This is also capture fisheries in the Siiru dam in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region of Ghana. This dam has a surface area of 65 ha and it is the largest dam in the whole of the Upper West Region of Ghana. This shows a fisherman harvesting fish which he set the night before. The net used here is 3’’ monofilament net. The fish catch is usually for subsistence when the catch is small but when the fisherman is lucky to have a good catch, sale is done according to the size of the fish. For a 2 – 3’’ fish, about 8 – 10 pieces weigh one kilo which is about twenty Ghana cedis close to USD 1. Some of the fish is sold at the dam site while the rest is smoked and sent to the market.

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