Fish display in a retail shop in Alexandria (Egypt)

Retail outlets are considered a major channel for fish supply. These outlets vary in size and quality levels depending on the purchasing power of clients served by these shops which could be individually located or clustered in a fish compartment in a bigger market.  Fish on the display in regard to types or size grades is largely driven by consumer preference. The two photos show a fish display in Alexandria whereas marine fish, shrimp, bivalve and crabs are more consumed compared to Cairo or the delta as tilapia and mullet are more dominant on displays.  Fish species or sizes could be displayed side by side or could be placed by species in a traditional container as shown in one photo. In case the retail shops are clustered in a bigger market, there is a higher possibility to find special facilities which provide fish preparation services starting from heading, gutting or filleting and may provide more preparation and cooking as required by consumers. Similar cooking or preparation facilities could be found in scattered retails as a means of promoting the fish sale if found feasible.

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