Small-scale subsidized aquaculture projects under the “Development of Aquaculture 1000-pond Scheme” in India

Credit: Nantinora Kharbuli (India)

The photos show private aquaculture projects assisted financially by the Department under the Scheme “Development of Aquaculture 1000 pond  in which the beneficiaries received 75% subsidy and 25%  Bankable loan. It is a back ended subsidy scheme .The farmers are provided with inputs like fish seeds, feeds, equipment, medicines etc. by the Department. Technical training is imparted to the fish farmers on the latest technology of fish farming by the Department officers and also by the resource persons from research institutions etc. to ensure successful implementation. The species cultured are limited to Indian major carps i.e. catla, roho, and mirgala and exotic carps i.e. grass carp, silver carp and common carp.

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