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Catla catla, produced in Nepal and sold in India

Credit: Bishnu khanal (Nepal)           About 70% of fish consumed in Nepal is imported from India. However, some fish exports take place from Nepal to India. The inserted picture shows a queue of motorbikes that belong to fish retailors in the rural part of Nepal on their way to nearby market …

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Small-scale subsidized aquaculture projects under the “Development of Aquaculture 1000-pond Scheme” in India

Credit: Nantinora Kharbuli (India) The photos show private aquaculture projects assisted financially by the Department under the Scheme “Development of Aquaculture 1000 pond“  in which the beneficiaries received 75% subsidy and 25%  Bankable loan. It is a back ended subsidy scheme .The farmers are provided with inputs like fish seeds, feeds, equipment, medicines etc. by the …

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Distribution of subsidized fish seeds (India)

Credit: Nantinora Kharbuli (India) This photo shows the distribution of subsidized fish seeds under the Scheme- Marketing and Transport of Fish and Fish Seeds in which the farmers are paying 50%  of the actual costs of fish seeds. The Government has formulated the scheme in order to popularize fish culture in the state and to further …

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Fishermen prepare for fishing in Udawalawe tank (SriLanka)

Credit: D. S. K. Pitigala and Ananda sugathapala (Sri Lanka): Udawalawe tank (reservoir) was constructed in the mid 1960s by damming the Walawe Ganga River to  develop the irrigation capacity in a target zone. At full supply level, the tank covers an area of about 3400 ha. The photo shows two fishermen prepare for fishing …

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