The culture of Peruvian scallop (Chilean scallop), Argopecten purpuratus in Chile

Credit: Gabriel Salvo Parra (Chile)            Description: Gabriel Salvo Parra and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

One of the photos shows the larvae of the Peruvian scallop (also called Chilean Scallop), Argopecten purpuratus while the second photo shows the ready spat scallop. This clam is edible saltwater clam that belongs to the family “Pectinidae”. In Chile, the scallop (A. purpuratus) farming started in 1982 following various farming systems which depend on farmer’s preference. After years of development, the production of scallop from aquaculture amounted about 17 thousand tons in 2009. Produced scallop flow from the farm to the processing plant before it reaches the market.

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Scallop larvae Settled ready to spat scalop


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