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Development of tilapia aquaculture in Malaysia

  Photos’ credit: Farahiyah ilyana Jamaludin (Malaysia) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)     The inserted picture shows the culture of red tilapia in cement tanks in Terengganu, Malaysia. Red tilapia hybrid was introduced in 1980s and since then there has been a steadily increase in the contribution of tilapias to freshwater aquaculture …

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Planning of aquaculture projects (Aquaculture systems – site evaluation – management – production inputs – production economics)

This lecture was delivered during October, 2014 as an introductory component in Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the “Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA”.  This particular lecture links production elements in various aquaculture systems. Thus, the lecture begins with developing project objectives whether general or specific. The targeted …

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Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture (April 2014 version)

This lecture was delivered in the Fish Culture Development training course which started on April 2014. This course is organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture “EICA” and supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. The course hosts 16 African trainees from 11 African countries. This lecture introduces the fishery sector in Egypt with …

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Culture of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in Nicaragua

Credit: Silvio Rene Picado Ramirez (Nicaragua) The introduction of Nile tilapia into Nicaragua goes back to 1956. However, the contribution of tilapia to aquaculture in Nicaragua was only felt during 1980s till the present. Different levels of intensification are practiced in Nicaragua. The photos show some practices in relation to the farming of tilapia in aquaculture …

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Farming practices of seaweed in the Philippines

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) Seaweed farming is widely practiced activity in coastal areas, sheltered with strong winds and wave action. Various methods are used in seaweed farming depending on the location and area of the farm such as modified fixed bottom monoline, long line method, and bamboo raft method.  Note: We decided not to watermark …

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The culture of Peruvian scallop (Chilean scallop), Argopecten purpuratus in Chile

Credit: Gabriel Salvo Parra (Chile)            Description: Gabriel Salvo Parra and Abdel Rahman El Gamal One of the photos shows the larvae of the Peruvian scallop (also called Chilean Scallop), Argopecten purpuratus while the second photo shows the ready spat scallop. This clam is edible saltwater clam that belongs to the …

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Development of freshwater aquaculture in Myanmar

Credit: Zaw Zaw Htwe (Myanmar) Myanmar’s fish culture has started in 1953 with imported Tilapia mossambica. By 1988, there were only 2550 hectares of fish ponds in the whole country. As fish was realized to be the stable diet for the people and one of the potential industry in the national economy of Myanmar, the State Peace …

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