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Introduction of several fish species in ER Rahad reservoir (Sudan)

Credit: Mamoun Obeida (Sudan) During September to November, 2010 new fish species were introduced in ER Rahad reservoir (a town in North Kurdufan Province in central Sudan). The introduced fish species included Nile perch, Lates niloticus (Family: Centnopomida), Bagrus bajad, Bagrus docmak (Family: Bagridae) and African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Family: Clariidae). This project was funded …

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Introductions and catch of soles (Solea vulgaris) in Lake Qarun, Egypt

Photo credit: Amal Mogga (South Sudan) and Lury Garcia Nunez (Colombia) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal These photos show the soles (Solea vulgaris) which represents a key species of Lake Qarun especially when considering the increasing levels of the salinity of the lake. Sole was first introduced to the lake in 1938, and followed by …

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Development of freshwater aquaculture in Myanmar

Credit: Zaw Zaw Htwe (Myanmar) Myanmar’s fish culture has started in 1953 with imported Tilapia mossambica. By 1988, there were only 2550 hectares of fish ponds in the whole country. As fish was realized to be the stable diet for the people and one of the potential industry in the national economy of Myanmar, the State Peace …

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Predation efficiency of Nile perch, Lates niloticus

This 2-slide information bite addresses the predation efficiency of Nile perch in relation to its characteristics especially its mouth and gapes. The bite touched the case study of the introduction of Nile perch into Lake Victoria and the impacts of the introduction. The predator-prey relationship has been addressed in this bite which is supported by …

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