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Threats and conservation efforts of the Mekong Giant Catfish, Pangasianodon gigas in Thailand

Photo credit: Wanna Thawinwan (Thailand) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal General: The Mekong giant catfish, Pangasianodon gigas is the world’s largest freshwater fish which is native to the Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia. It is also called giant Mekong catfish and also “Pla Beuk” in the Thai language. There are records about specimens of the …

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Change in the composition of fish catch in Bardawil lagoon (Egypt)

This 2-slide bite presents the change that occurred in the catch of Bardaweel Lagoon over about 20-year period. The over-fishing on the gilt-head seabream (Sparus aurata) has led to severe decline in its population offering the chance to crabs and non-economical shrimp to fill the niche. This short bite is supported by photos and graphs. …

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Catch assessment survey of fishery in Mweru-Luapula lake, Zambia

Credit: Lumbwe Kalumba (Zambia)                        Review: Lumbwe Kalumba and Abdel Rahman El Gamal The photo shows a fisheries officers while conducting catch assessment survey on Mweru-Luapula Fishery in Luapula Province, Zambia. Lake Mweru is a freshwater lake located in the Luapula valley on the borders of Northern Zambia and the …

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Production and dispersal of quality fingerlings (tilapia, freshwater prawn, ornamental fish) in the Philippines

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) The production and dispersal of quality fingerlings is a national program of BFAR. The fingerlings are produced by the national and regional centers. The species are mainly tilapia, freshwater prawn, common carp, freshwater catfish and ornamental fish. The beneficiaries of the dispersal are farmers, researchers, other government agencies, other BFAR …

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Seahorse, Hippocampus sp. (Distribution, biology and conservation) – Video

Source: www.fishconsult.org This video was taken in Monterey Aquarium, California, USA Video ownership and review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website and video channel) Introduction: the name of seahorses is given to about 40 species of marine fish that occur worldwide. This group belongs to the family: Syngnathidae and the genus Hippocampus. The …

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Introductions and catch of soles (Solea vulgaris) in Lake Qarun, Egypt

Photo credit: Amal Mogga (South Sudan) and Lury Garcia Nunez (Colombia) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal These photos show the soles (Solea vulgaris) which represents a key species of Lake Qarun especially when considering the increasing levels of the salinity of the lake. Sole was first introduced to the lake in 1938, and followed by …

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Longevity in Fishes

This large bite does not only address the definition of longevity and related terms (e.g. lifespan) but also covers with examples the factors affecting longevity. For a valid illustration, a Table with maximum longevity has been included whereas clear differences among various fish groups could be easily noticed. The application of longevity in fishery and aquaculture practices has …

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