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Planning of aquaculture projects – 2015 lecture

This lecture has been delivered in two training course hosted during 2015 by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).  The first course hosts African participants while the second course hosts participants from Africa, Asia and Latin America. This lecture serves as a platform for the group projects through which course participants form 3-4 groups …

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Planning of aquaculture projects (Aquaculture systems – site evaluation – management – production inputs – production economics)

This lecture was delivered during October, 2014 as an introductory component in Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the “Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA”.  This particular lecture links production elements in various aquaculture systems. Thus, the lecture begins with developing project objectives whether general or specific. The targeted …

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Planning of aquaculture projects (updated 2013 version)

This updated version of the planning of aquaculture projects addresses planning-related issues that considers the definition of aquaculture systems in relation to productivity and/or management issues (feeding, water exchange, and aeration). The main elements related to planning have been addressed including natural resources (land and water), criteria of farmed species, marketing and environmental factors. The …

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