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Planning of aquaculture projects – 2017 updated

  This lecture which was delivered today is considered an introductory component of group projects. The lecture addresses technical and economic issues providing case studies. The ultimate goal of this lecture is to focus on necessity of proper planning for achieving successful aquaculture projects. The farmed species in relation to the climatic conditions as well …

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Harvesting fish in a polyculture system in the Misiones Province (Argentina)- Video

Video credit: Herman Hennig (Argentina) Review: Herman Hennig and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website and video channel)     The video which shows the fish harvest from a polyculture system was filmed in a fish farm located in Campo Viera, Misiones province (Northeast of Argentine). Fish species cultured in this particular farm includes carps, …

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Country report – Armenia (2008)

Owner of the report: Anahit Hovsepyan http://fishconsult.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Country-report-Armenia-2008.pdf A permission has been granted to publish the report on this site

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Promoting small-scale cage culture in oxbow lakes in Bangladesh

Photo credit:Abu Sayed Talukder and  Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh) Review:Abu Sayed Talukder & Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh) and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)         The inserted pictures were taken in a training session conducted at a fish farmer’s village in Gaibandha Sadar Upazila, District “Gaibandha”. Most of the course participants are …

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Culture of variety of fish species in off-shore cages and feeding systems

Credit: Huseyn Ek (Akuakare, Turkey) The photos shows typical off-shore cages use to grow variety of fish species including gilthead seabream, European seabass, trout, meagre, carp, tilapia, and sturgeon. As expected, cage productivity and growing seasons should vary according to farmed species whereas average productivity could be 10-12 kg/m3 for seabream, seabass and trout increasing to …

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Planning of aquaculture projects (updated 2013 version)

This updated version of the planning of aquaculture projects addresses planning-related issues that considers the definition of aquaculture systems in relation to productivity and/or management issues (feeding, water exchange, and aeration). The main elements related to planning have been addressed including natural resources (land and water), criteria of farmed species, marketing and environmental factors. The …

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Cage farming of marine fish in Mauritius

Credit: Emrith Vinesh (Mauritius) La Ferme Marine de Mahebourg (FMM) is a complex of cage farming and processing fish located in the lagoon of Vieux Grand Port in Mauritius.  The cages are extended on 1200 m2 in the lagoon. The tropical climate and the winds and currents of the sea are key factors in for this …

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Fish harvesting from earthen ponds in Zambia

Credit: Lumbwe Kalumba (Zambia) The photo shows fish farmers while are harvesting an earthen fish pond. The pond was stocked with Tilapia rendalli. The main cultured species are Oreochromis macrochir, Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis andersonaii. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify us …

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