Cage farming of marine fish in Mauritius

Credit: Emrith Vinesh (Mauritius)

La Ferme Marine de Mahebourg (FMM) is a complex of cage farming and processing fish located in the lagoon of Vieux Grand Port in Mauritius.  The cages are extended on 1200 m2 in the lagoon.

The tropical climate and the winds and currents of the sea are key factors in for this type of aquaculture.

This cage complex consists of circular floating cages ranging in size from 8m, 16m and 20m in diameter with a depth of 5m to 8m. The circular cages that are adapted to tropical conditions and cyclone are placed to distribute biomass, depending on the currents, depth and type of substrate.

The species cultured are Channel Bass (Sciaenops ocellatus) and Goldlined Sea Bream (Rhabdosargus sarba).

The fish stock in the cages is fed at regular intervals during the day using feed supplied by internationally recognized suppliers. The feed is certified free from all artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients ensuring excellent quality of the fish.

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