Integrated duck-fish culture in Egypt (Video)


The video shows a model of integration between duck and fish which has been carried out in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The compatibility between ducks and fish has proven effective model of integration that results in maximizing the production and so profits in addition to diversifying the revenue of the farm. Moreover, a significant portion of duck feed is obtained from various organisms such as vegetation and aquatic insects. Also, the movement of ducks help aerates the water and may stir pond bottom releasing trapped phosphorus and bring it back in the system.

The management of such system is of top importance bearing in mind that ducks are warm-blooded animals while fish are cold blooded animals. The number of ducks should be just sufficient to fertilize fish pond as more ducks and so more dropping would upset water quality of the pond.

We can see that to different species of ducks –based on their color- which could be due to market demand. In such integrated system, there are some concerns related to human health. These concerns are mainly related to possible use of drugs for disease treatment in ducks and so the withdrawal period required for the production of safe food for human consumption.

Note: this video does not show the duck house in which ducks stay during night and receive their prepared diets

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