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Planning of aquaculture projects (April 2014 version)

This lecture is an introductory lecture to the group projects and was delivered in the Fish Culture Development training course which started on April 2014. This course is organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture “EICA” and supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. The course hosts 16 African trainees from 11 African countries. …

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Integrated duck-fish culture in Egypt (Video)

  The video shows a model of integration between duck and fish which has been carried out in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. The compatibility between ducks and fish has proven effective model of integration that results in maximizing the production and so profits in addition to diversifying the revenue of the farm. Moreover, a significant …

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Small-scale aquaculture in rural development

This presentation addresses the role of small-scale in rural development. The features of rural communities and the criteria of small-sacle projects in several countries were included. Models of small-scale aquaculure whether as a sole activity such as cages or when integrated with other agricultural systems such as rice, ducks and chicken have been included. lessons …

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