Use of stop logs in water inlets and outlets of fish ponds in India (Video)

Video credit: G. Venkata Raju  (India)        Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal


This video shows the stop-logs used in the water management –in particular depth- in fish ponds in India. The same system was introduced from China into Egypt during 1980s before being changed to piping system.

As shown in this video, there are three pairs of slots that are incorporated in the shaft, one for the fish screen, the other two for the stop-log closure for the water outlet. The screen mesh would depend on fish size. As noticed, the area between the stop-logs is filled by compacted soil. For this particular video which brings in the use of this system in pond draining, reducing the water level in fish pond would depend on the number of log pairs to be lifted up. Removing all stop logs down to floor of pond is done when the pond is completely drained.


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