Historic tragedy (when moray eels are involuntary fed on human)

Source of the photo: Les merveilles de la science – Chapter Pisciculture, by: Louis Figuier.

Publisher: Furne, Jouvet et Cie.  Year : 1869

Caption of the photo (in French): L’affranchi pollion faisant jeter un esclave aux murènes de ses viviers

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

This is sad to review this tragedy that was happening during the Roman Empire in the 19th Century. Some of household slaves were executed because of very minor things such as breaking crystal glass.

Some of well-regarded Romans used to keep the moray eels as pets in special pools. The sad stories tell how condemned slaves were thrown alive into the pools and turn instantly a food to hungry morays. The other side of these sad stories tells that this way of execution was deemed to be unacceptable cruelty, even by Roman standards.

Historic tragedy (When moray feeds on human)

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