Use of biogas slurry in Indian aquaculture – Video

Video credit: G. Venkata Raju (India)

Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The biogas plants of different sizes and capacities are spreading in India rapidly with the increasing energy demand. Farmers –including fish farmers- are among the target groups who have been benefitting from biogas units.

In regard to fish farming, and based on its nutritive merit, the use of biogas byproduct (biogas slurry) in aquaculture has proven a viable environmentally approach and hence has been promoted and adopted in Indian aquaculture especially in carp culture. There are reports showing that the application of biogas slurry at 15 to 30 tons/ ha/year has given fish yields which are about 60% higher as compared to the application of undigested cow dung.

There are different utilization scenarios for the biogas slurry whether discharged directly it into fish pond or incorporated in the feed mixture with other feed ingredients such as rice bran or oil cake to the extent of 50%.



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