Culture and marketing of baby fish for food – a booming initiative in Indonesia

Credit: Anna Jamil (Indonesia)

The photo shows neatly packed small common carp, Cyprinus carpio. The marketing of baby carps has boomed in Indonesia for variety of reasons. The size shown in the photo is attained after 30-45 days from fry size. The demand on this small size fish is high in restaurants especially in west java ethnic Sunda who likes this size of fish.  They prepare it as fried and consumed with rice, hot chili and fresh vegetables. Because in such small size, fish are eaten as whole which taste delicious to consumers who may eat it as a snack. From the side of fish producers, the culture of baby carps has proven easier and more profitable. This concept has encouraged producers to apply the same approach on fish species other than carps.

 Production and marketing of baby carps in Indonesia


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