Conservation of Pez Blanco (Petenia splendida) through stocking in lake Peten Itzá (Guatemala)

Credit: Manuel Cano Alfaro (Guatemala)

The photos show the stocking of Pez Blanco (Petenia splendida) in lake Peten Itzá (Guatemala) as a means of preserving this native species. Fry produced for stocking are produced in the facility located in the village “El Remate” with the technical support of the Mission of Taiwan in cooperation with the Guatemalan government as represented by DIPESCA (formerly called UNIPESCA) which is affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture. Lake Peten Itzá  is located in north of Guatemala. Only artisanal fishery is allowed in the lake whereas licensed fishermen/boats operate in the lake.

Stocking of this native species is done to conserve the stocks against overfishing especially this species which is naturally found over all Yucatan Peninsula enjoys a high demand and represent a traditional dish for Guatemalan people. It may worth mentioning that promoting Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus targets to secure fish supply and in the same time to reduce the pressure on the fishery of Pez Blanco.

 Fish stocking in Guatemala (01) Fish stocking in Guatemala (02) Fish stocking in Guatemala (03)



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