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Seed production of Nile tilapia and Pez blanco in El Remate Production and training Center (Guatemala)

Photo credit: Cele Anaitte Mendez Garcia (Guatemala) Review: Cele Anaitte Mendez Garcia and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)   The photo shows the production and training Center located in the village “El Remate”, Guatemala. Among the activities carried out in the center is the seed production of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and …

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Conservation of Pez Blanco (Petenia splendida) through stocking in lake Peten Itzá (Guatemala)

Credit: Manuel Cano Alfaro (Guatemala) The photos show the stocking of Pez Blanco (Petenia splendida) in lake Peten Itzá (Guatemala) as a means of preserving this native species. Fry produced for stocking are produced in the facility located in the village “El Remate” with the technical support of the Mission of Taiwan in cooperation with the …

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Promoting aquaculture in Guatemala through technical sessions (El Remate center, Petén)

Credit: Manuel Cano Alfaro (Guatemala) Since 2003, the mission of Taiwan has been working with the government of Guatemala to set up an aquaculture center in the village of El Remate in Petén to help promote Tilapia farming and conserve the endangered “white fish.” The photo shows a part of the facility whereas a technical session …

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