Lake Timsah fishery (Egypt) – Video

Video credit: Elie Badai (Cameroon)

Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

Lake Timsah is a part of the Suez Canal system which is fed by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea as well as a part of agricultural drainage system. The fishery of Lake Timsah is combined in the fishery statistics with “Bitter Lakes” and Suez Canal whereas the three lakes collectively produced about 3,500 tons of fish in 2011. Lake Timsah covers an area of about 750 ha.

The video which was taken in Lake Timsah show artisanal fishermen with their small wooden boats which operate close to the shore. The catch is often modest as represent by the small size of marine fish. However, this lake has a unique fishery resource whereas most of the mussel in the country is produced in this lake.  Fish are caught using simple fishing gears of nets supported by beating water surface with an appropriate rod targeting to drive fish to the area where they are caught.

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