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Catch of “Sabalo” in Pilemayo River (Bolivia)

Photo credit: Rory Felix Mamani (Bolivia) Review: Rory Felix Mamani and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)       The inserted picture shows the fishing of “sábalo” which takes place in “Pilemayo River” near the indigenous community “Weenhayek”. The Pilcomayo River is considered an important fish source for artisanal fisheries in Bolivia. …

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Fish landing site at Ibbankatuwa reservoir (SriLanka)

Credit: Ajith Kumara (SriLanka) The photo was taken at the Ibbankatuwa reservoir in Central province of SriLanka. This landing site situates near the inflow area and fish catch is dominant with native riverine species. Apart from the gill net, fishermen use traps to catch fish that migrate upwards stream.    

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Sorting the fish catch at a landing site in Gabon

Credit: Chantal and Jean Michel Sengue Ngoulou Megne Me Zeng (Gabon) The people around the canoe are fishermen and transporters who are sorting the catch. The fish are sorted by species and size. Hogfish, bass, bream and sole are the most expensive and the most popular fish to people. It may be of interest to know …

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Lake Timsah fishery (Egypt) – Video

Video credit: Elie Badai (Cameroon) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Lake Timsah is a part of the Suez Canal system which is fed by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea as well as a part of agricultural drainage system. The fishery of Lake Timsah is combined in the fishery statistics with “Bitter Lakes” and Suez …

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Artisanal fishery and quality of the catch in Ismaelia (Egypt)

Credit of photos: Amal Abdlla and Lutfy Idris (Sudan)      Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The two photos show a type of artisanal fishery near Ismaelia (Egypt). This small wooden boat is operated by two fishermen; one for rowing while second is fishing. Fishing gears are simple and so the fish catch is often …

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Capture of wild fish in rural Cambodia

Credit: Nyro Tum (Cambodia) The photo shows the fishermen in rural Cambodia during capturing wild fish using cast nets. This fishing practice is common during wet seasons. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify us if you wish to use a picture or …

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Salted fish of Lake Nasser’s fish catch

The majority of fish catch in lake Nasser belongs to about 10 species that collectively make up more than 95% of Lake Nasser catch.  The predominant species sold as fresh fish are the tilapias and Nile perch, Lates niloticus, Labeo and Bagrus, while Alestes spp., Labeo spp., Hydrocynus spp., and Eutropius niloticus are salted. Salting takes …

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Fish catch on a fishing boat in Khasab fishing port (Sultanate of Oman) In Arabic

Credit: Hussein Ali Mohammed Alshihi (Oman): هذه الصورة لأحد الصيادين فى ميناء الصيد فى ولاية خصب فى قارب الصيد المصنوع من الفيبر جلاس والمزود بمحركين قوة كل منهما 75 حصان. الأسماك الموضحة هى لأسماك الباراكودا والمسماه محليا (القد). يعرض الصياد  أسماكه للبيع والتى غالبا ما يتم تصديرها إلى دبى Note: We decided not to watermark …

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