Catch of “Sabalo” in Pilemayo River (Bolivia)

Photo credit: Rory Felix Mamani (Bolivia)

Review: Rory Felix Mamani and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)


Bolivia River fishery



The inserted picture shows the fishing of “sábalo” which takes place in “Pilemayo River” near the indigenous community “Weenhayek”.

The Pilcomayo River is considered an important fish source for artisanal fisheries in Bolivia. The sabalo (Prochilodus lineatus) is a key fish species in the fish catch providing important economic revenues and food resources for several riverine communities including the “Weenhayek”.

The “Weenhayek” people are experts at catching fish of different species. Traditionally, as the fishing season starts, entire families leave their homes and camp on the banks of the Pilcomayo River, where part of the fish is sold to middlemen to be sold in the cities and the rest is for home consumption. Traps and seins are common fishing gears.



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