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Sampling of tilapia fingerlings in Togo (Video)

Video credit: Apetse Sena Kdzo (Togo) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)   This video was filmed for the sampling of tilapia fingerlings in an earthen pond using a cast net. There are several comments I was able to notice. First, the fish farmer seems well-trained in casting the net. Second, …

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Capture of wild fish in rural Cambodia

Credit: Nyro Tum (Cambodia) The photo shows the fishermen in rural Cambodia during capturing wild fish using cast nets. This fishing practice is common during wet seasons. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify us if you wish to use a picture or …

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Bangladesh aquaculture – Sampling of farmed fish

Credit: Mohamed Mahmudun Nabi (Bangladesh) The two photos show the sampling of farmed fish in a fish farm in Bangladesh. Sampling usually is done on monthly basis using simple gears such as cast net.  Sampling is carried out mainly for feed adjustment, and also for field observation on growth performance and health condition. Typically, a random …

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