Small-scale aquaculture in rural development (updated 2013 version)

This lecture was delivered in “Fish Culture Development” training course during November 2013. This 10-week international training course is annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).

The lecture started with the features of rural community in general before moving to the rationality of incorporating aquaculture in rural development programs focusing on social issues such as nutrition, employment and empowering the role of women in this activity. Criteria of small-scale projects from several countries are presented. The lecture addressed several types of small-scale aquaculture including rice-fish, fish-duck, fish-chicken and rabbit-fish systems. A significant part of the lecture addressed the promotion of small-scale projects. This part included selection of beneficiaries, adoption curve, training, subsidies in several countries, role of extension and challenges as well as concerns related to these projects.

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