Applications of genetics in aquaculture and fishery practices (Updated 2013 version)

This lecture was delivered in “Fish Culture Development” training course during October 2013. This 10-week international training course is annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).

While the lecture started with an introductory component on genetics, the focus has been placed on breeding programs. The following sub-titles are addressed in the lecture:

Introductory part (qualitative genetics, quantitative genetics, genetic variance)

Selection (concept, mass selection – tandem selection, selection index, selection response, heritability, sexual dimorphism, selection plateau, genetic-environment interaction)

Hybridization (hybrid vigor, intraspecific, interspecific, intergeneric)

Broodstock management (effective breeding number, inbreeding, Ne, sex ratio)

Ploidy induction (triploidy, tetraploidy)

Advanced genetic applications (gynogensis, androgensis, genetic engineering, genetically modified organisms, GMOs)

The lecture is supported by diagrams, tables, and pictures

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