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Behind the pictures: Night training and water quality in fish ponds

One of the inserted pictures goes back to 1999 during the first training course hosted by the WorldFish Center (Abbassa – Egypt) for 14 Egyptian fish farmers while the second picture goes back to 2008 during an international training course held at the center. The purpose of night training was not just to measure the …

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Research and training facility of the World Fish Center (Abbassa – Egypt) – Video

Video credit: Hussein Ali Mohammed Alshihi (Sultanate of Oman) The video shows the facility of the World Fish Center (Abbassa – Egypt). The outdoor facilities include earthen ponds of different sizes that range from 400-m2 – 2000-m2. The green house area -annexed to the main building- include concrete tanks of various sizes which are used for …

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Review of Aquaculture Training for the Period 1999 – 2009 – World Fish Center

This worldFish Center publication has been written by Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal who managed the outreach program including training during his service in the World Fish Center. This publication cover eleven years from 1999 – 2009. In addition to the statistics of trainingg courses and so trainees whether in local, regional or international courses, …

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Dedication of the auditorium, WorldFish Center – 2010

After retirement: Dedicating the center’s auditorium in recognition of Dr. El Gamal leadership of the canter’s capacity building program. The Deputy Director General, Dr Patrick Dugan has  headed the ceremony that took place on 10 June, 2010 at the WorldFish Center station at Abbassa, Egypt.    

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