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Supersaturation of dissolved oxygen in fish ponds

Photo credit: Samy Ndala (Congo DR) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) The supersaturation of dissolved oxygen (DO) is often observed near the surface of water bodies as a result of the strong the photosynthetic activity resulting from phytoplankton abundance. This occurs during bright sunlit days in eutrophic water bodies such as …

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Behind the pictures: Night training and water quality in fish ponds

One of the inserted pictures goes back to 1999 during the first training course hosted by the WorldFish Center (Abbassa – Egypt) for 14 Egyptian fish farmers while the second picture goes back to 2008 during an international training course held at the center. The purpose of night training was not just to measure the …

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Farming of whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei in Thailand

Credit:Wanna Thawinwan (Thailand) This photo shows a typical pond for whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei in Thailand.  The pond has a surface area about 16,000 m2 with a water depth of about 1-1.2  m. Shrimp farmer buys the farm requirement of shrimp post larvae (Pl 12) from a shrimp hatchery whereas shrimp are grown for 80-90 days. The paddle …

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Intensive cage culture of tilapia in Maeklong River and use of paddlewheel aerators (Thailand)

Credit: Proyrat Chaowajaroenpong and Ong-art Kumprasert Intensive cage farming of tilapia in Maeklong River, Kanchnaburi province (Thailand). Paddle wheel aerators are in use in this intensive system to maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify …

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