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Construction and uses of dugout canoes (Ghana)

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana)     The insert shows a finished product of a dugout canoe. These canoes actually belong to a fish farmer. The length is about 5m. He uses them to transport feed onto his cages to feed his fishes. They also double up as a means to cart harvested fish onshore to ready customers. …

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Fouling of tilapia cages in Rayaan Depressions, Fayoum, Egypt (Video)

The video which has been taken in Rayaan Depression in Fayoum, Egypt. Cage farming has been banned in River Nile while some cages have been licensed for practicing in Rayaan depression for Nile tilapia farming. The video shows several piles of fouling aquatic plants. The periodic maintenance of cages is necessary in order to maintain …

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Fish cages in Phewa Lake (Nepal)

Credit: Deepak Bhusal (Nepal) Cage culture in Phewa lake was started in 1972 with the technical assistance from Japanese Volunteers to protect the common carp broods when water level in the fish ponds in the Fisheries Research Center dropped. In the present, fish species cultured in these cages are grass, silver and bighead carps. Cage …

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Intensive cage culture of tilapia in Maeklong River and use of paddlewheel aerators (Thailand)

Credit: Proyrat Chaowajaroenpong and Ong-art Kumprasert Intensive cage farming of tilapia in Maeklong River, Kanchnaburi province (Thailand). Paddle wheel aerators are in use in this intensive system to maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify …

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