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Fouling and anti-fouling practices

Fouling is the growth of barnacles, weed, and other water life on the submersed hull of the boat. The colonization of fouling organisms on the boat hull adversely affect the sailing boat or ship in several ways including reducing its speed and durability especially when marine borers colonize wooden boats and dhows. Moreover, fouled ships …

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Fouling of tilapia cages in Rayaan Depressions, Fayoum, Egypt (Video)

The video which has been taken in Rayaan Depression in Fayoum, Egypt. Cage farming has been banned in River Nile while some cages have been licensed for practicing in Rayaan depression for Nile tilapia farming. The video shows several piles of fouling aquatic plants. The periodic maintenance of cages is necessary in order to maintain …

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Cage fish culture in Khulekhani reservoirs (Nepal)

Credit: Deepak Bhusal (Nepal) This cage-fish culture which is family owned was started to assist the people who were displaced by the construction of Khulekhani reservoir for the purpose of hydroelectricity generation. In the initial period of the project, the government of Nepal provided technical assistance as well as financial support to project beneficiaries. The program …

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