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Spirulina culture at the National Institute of Sciences and Technologies of the Sea. Monastir, Tunisia.

Spirulina is characterized by its high content of protein in regard to the amino acids as well as the essential fatty-acids. The photo which was taken during 1998 shows the culture of Spirulina as carried out in the research facilities at Monastir, Tunisia. The culture of Spirulina, “Arthrospira platensis” has different purposes that include: Feeding …

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Rotifer enrichment in marine hatcheries

Rotifers by itself do not possess high nutritional value.  However, because of their appropriate sizes to the small larvae such as those of marine fish, rotifers have been successfully used in marine hatcheries after been adequately enriched to meet the nutritional demands of target larvae for proper neural development. Brachionus plicatilis is a common rotifer in …

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